The Hidden Costs of Broken Bumpers and Damaged Radars

Why Ignoring These Issues Costs More Than You Think

Broken bumpers and damaged collision-mitigation system (CMS) radars lead to increasing downtime, resulting in lost business opportunities and decreased profitability. Even worse repeated damage can cause costly frame damage that can negatively impact the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

Industry Insight

While semi-bumpers and CMS radars may seem like relatively minor components of a truck, they play a critical role in protecting drivers and preventing accidents. Unfortunately, both can be easily damaged when a vehicle is parked or during normal operations. Traditional solutions to repair or replace these parts is costly and can quickly add up. At Ex-Guard, we offer a new approach that challenges traditional thinking and delivers lasting quality, versatility and value.

Traditional Assumptions

The traditional approach is to repair or replace damaged bumper and radar systems as needed, and to simply factor these extremely expensive costs into the budget. However, this approach overlooks the bigger problem of the long-term impact of repeat damage and immediate downtime.

At Ex-Guard we address these issues in a comprehensive manner providing solutions that extend beyond traditional thinking. We offer a range of bumper guards, and all-in-one integrated radar system protection which are a custom fit for each truck model. Keeping these critical components safe from damage, costly repairs and downtime.


  • Reducing long-term repair costs both for bumpers and radar systems
  • Increase the lifespan of the vehicle
  • Reduce downtime and business operations
  • Improve driver safety
  • Less time waiting for spare parts
  • Lower insurance premiums with fewer claims

Ex-Guard's Heavy-Duty Truck Protection Solutions

Ex-Guard we believe in challenging traditional assumptions to deliver comprehensive, solutions that provide lasting value. Our bumper guards with adjusted radar system protection are just a few examples of how we are making a difference in the industry. Helping fleets protect their drivers, their assets, and their bottom line. Whether you're dealing with broken bumpers, damaged radar systems or simply looking to prevent these challenges to your vehicles we are here to help. Your Trusted Fleet Partner!

Protect the Investment of Your Fleet

Fixed-object bumper impact is the most common accident. Even top drivers not in their semi-trucks can return to an accident that prevent their semi-trucks from moving. Bumpers were removed or required repair causing immediate downtime.” David Giese, America's Service Line, LLC

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