Semi-Truck Maintenance Costs Skyrocket Due to Shortages with Spare Parts

Fleets Continue to Face Increased Downtime and Lost Revenue Due to Spare Part Shortages


The shortage of spare parts has made it difficult for trucking companies to keep their fleets running smoothly. When a truck breaks down, it not only causes delays and lost revenue, but it also leads to increased maintenance costs. With the shortage of spare parts, trucking companies are forced to pay a premium for the parts they need, which is driving up the cost of maintenance, increasing downtime, and lost revenue.

Traditional Assumptions

While many people assume the shortages in spare parts is merely a short-term issue, people tend to overlook there are multiple challenges involved with no end-in-sight. Most trucking companies are familiar with a couple reasons such as limited availability and increased costs, Fleet Service Managers are seeing multiple challenges day-in and day-out that are skyrocketing maintenance costs and extending downtime.


  • Limited Manufacturing Capacity: With the increases in demand for truck parts and components, the manufacturing capacity has not met the pace of this demand. This shortfall has led to the unavailability of key truck components, such as bumpers, headlights, CMS radars, and other critical electronic components.
  • Increased Costs: Suppliers are noting these parts are costing as much as 2x-5x (or more) than before to add to the pain of truck part costs.
  • Increased Demand: The need for truck parts has increased due to growth in the trucking industry, which has caused suppliers experiencing a shortage of parts. 
  • Global Supply Chain Disruptions: Shutdowns of the transportation sector immediately disrupted global supply chains, and this has impacted the availability of truck parts. Restrictions on international transportation caused delays in obtaining these parts, resulting in shortages as well.
  • Trade Tariffs: These trade tariffs imposed on imported truck parts have increased costs and caused shortages.
  • Limited Distribution Channels: While the trucking industry has grown over the years, the distribution channels for truck parts and components have remained limited, leading to an inability to meet the demand.

Addressing the Challenges and Exploring Solutions

All these factors helped contribute to a shortage of truck parts and cause an issue for trucking companies and drivers who rely on these parts for their vehicles.

At Ex-Guard we address these issues in a comprehensive manner providing solutions that extend beyond traditional thinking. We offer a range of bumper guards, and all-in-one integrated radar system protection which are a custom fit for each truck model. Keeping these critical components safe from damage, costly repairs and downtime.


  • Maximum Uptime: By keeping your fleet trucks in good condition, you are also keeping your drivers on the road. Trucking companies can avoid unexpected breakdowns and fulfill their delivery commitments.
  • Cost Savings: Reducing the need to pay a premium for parts or additional vehicles.
  • Fleet Optimization: Timely replacement of worn-out parts can reduce always costly downtime.
  • Increased Revenue: By ensuring timely delivery of goods and services, companies can generate more revenue and improve their bottom line.
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Increased efficiency, fewer delays, and on-time deliveries will lead to higher client satisfaction rates and more business opportunities.


According to the American Transportation Research Institute, 70% of fleet managers and executives cited equipment and maintenance as top concerns. Additionally, a 2021 survey conducted by the Equipment and Maintenance Council revealed that 40% of fleet operators reported waiting longer for replacement parts.

Ex-Guard's Heavy-Duty Truck Protection Solutions

The shortage of spare truck parts is a significant issue for the trucking industry and is costing billions in lost revenue. However, it is not an unsolvable problem. By investing in your fleet investment quality, versatility and value are what makes Ex-Guard the premier #1 manufacturer of vehicle front end protection. Trucking companies can keep their trucks in optimal condition, ensuring timely delivery of goods and services while improving their bottom line. Our solutions help keep your drivers on the road and keep you trucking!

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Protect the Investment of Your Fleet

Fixed-object bumper impact is the most common accident. Even top drivers not in their semi-trucks can return to an accident that prevent their semi-trucks from moving. Bumpers were removed or required repair causing immediate downtime.” David Giese, America's Service Line, LLC


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