Collisions with Fixed Objects: A Major Threat to Keeping Your Fleet Operational

Hidden Costs of Compromising Driver Safety and Increasing Costs of Downtime


As a business owner or fleet manager, you understand the importance of protecting your bottom line. One area that can have a significant impact on your profits is semi-truck collisions with fixed-objects. These types of accidents can result in costly repairs, lost productivity, and even legal liabilities.

Even Low Speed Fixed-Object Collisions Cost Big!


We Don’t Need Bumper Guards… It is assumed that semi-truck drivers are aware of the risks of collisions with fixed objects and are motivated to prevent them. It is also assumed that trucking companies are willing to invest in safety technologies and infrastructure improvements to prevent these accidents. Even with technological advancements and driver awareness semi-trucks are all too often costing immediate downtime when they collide with fixed objects.

Not using bumper guards can be a costly mistake. Without them, a single collision can result in thousands of dollars in repairs and lost productivity. In addition, your business could be liable for any damages or injuries caused by the collision. How much would it cost your fleet when your fleet is down? Go to ROI Calculator


One way to prevent these types of collisions is by using bumper guards on your semi-trucks. Bumper guards provide an extra layer of protection against fixed-objects, such as loading docks, poles, and walls. By investing in bumper guards, you can avoid costly repairs and downtime associated with semi-truck collisions.

At Ex-Guard, we understand the importance of protecting your business from the financial impact of semi-truck collisions. That's why we offer a range of high-quality bumper guards made from high tensile steel that are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our bumper guards are easy to install and can provide long-lasting protection for your fleet.

Don't let a semi-truck collision with a fixed-object damage your bottom line. Invest in bumper guards today and protect your business from costly repairs and legal liabilities.


The shortage of spare truck parts is a significant issue for the trucking industry and is costing billions in lost revenue. By investing in your fleet investment quality, versatility and value are what makes Ex-Guard the premier #1 manufacturer of vehicle front end protection. Trucking companies can keep their trucks in optimal condition, ensuring timely delivery of goods and services while improving their bottom line. Our solutions help keep your drivers on the road and keep you trucking!


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Fixed-object bumper impact is the most common accident. Even top drivers not in their semi-trucks can return to an accident that prevent their semi-trucks from moving. Bumpers were removed or required repair causing immediate downtime.” David Giese, America's Service Line, LLC


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